What Happens in an Acupuncture Session?

What to Expect
Who Gets Acupuncture?
At the first session, we discuss your health history, as well as your daily habits such as digestion, sleep and exercise.  We identify potential causes of any symptoms and target where we can support and strengthen the body.

As you lie on a comfortable treatment table, tiny needles are inserted at specific locations determined by our discussion. These sites may be on your lower back, legs, abdomen, arms, or head.  An acupuncture needle is very slender, sterile, and disposed of after single use. Some patients feel nothing at all during this process, while others may feel a dull ache or slight tingling sensation in the area.

The needles are allowed to remain in for about 30 minutes. Treatments are typically described as a painless and deeply relaxing, some people get in a quick nap! After the session, we will discuss any questions you may have and review the treatment plan designed for you. This may or may not include a prescription of Chinese herbs.

Follow-up acupuncture sessions will begin with an assessment of any changes since the last treatment. Patients often notice better sleep or less anxiety even after just one treatment.  Sessions may also include a closer look at your diet, digestive strength, supplement usage, exercise plan, and overall lifestyle.

Everyone at Appalachian Acupuncture is so caring and professional. The staff is truly interested in you as a person and your care as a whole. They are always helpful and accommodating when scheduling. —K. Ingram

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