Tea Tasting Party: Oolong Teas of China

Don’t miss this Saturday’s Tea Tasting Party!

Oolong teas are not the dark porter or the crisp pilsner of the tea world, but they offer the most variety of flavors that can be coaxed out of tea leaves.

Oolongs are in between black and green tea, and by modification of the oxidation and processing stages, the preparer can bring out light floral notes, deep chocolatey undertones, and fruity aromas, among other variations.

One variety we will taste at our April 23 workshop is the “Wuyi” mountain tea, which grows on cliffs and draws a rich mineral taste from the soil, creating a “rocky” taste which is sometimes compared with the taste of a good Scotch. Wuyi oolong tea is also heavily roasted, which layers chocolate, nutty overtones on the tea’s natural sweetness.

The world of teas is every bit as mysterious, deep, and full of discoveries as wine tastings, and even better for your health! Come taste with us and discover teas that delight your palate!

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