Fall Tune Up

The autumnal equinox occurs as the sun crosses the celestial equator going south. It is our official welcome to Fall, and seasonal transitions are a wonderful time to attune our body systems to the cosmic and environmental influences. After all, in Chinese medicine, we consider the body to be a microcosm of the macrocosm. And when our external environment shifts, our internal environments shift too!

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Self-Care Acupressure Ear Points

Each ear contains about 400 points which can affect muscles, joints, organs, and even emotions. Ear points are very closely linked to brain chemistry, so neurotransmitters, hormones, and endocrine functions can be balanced by treating the ears; this means conditions such as anxiety and depression, PTSD, and menopause can be helped.

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Spring Health Tune-up

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings, growth and expansion. We increase our physical activity and enjoy more outdoor time. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and seasonal allergy sufferers start sneezing.

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