Who Gets Acupuncture?

People with conditions being treated with Western medicine: Scientific studies continue to recognize the benefits of acupuncture as complementary care for conditions such as MS, Lupus, fibromyalgia, and even playing a supportive role during cancer treatments. We coordinate with physicians to create a streamlined care plan to help alleviate any side effects the patient is experiencing and to stimulate the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

People experiencing mild pain or illness: Acupuncture offers a low-risk, cost-effective option for those considering medication or surgery.  Our treatments focus not only on resolving symptoms but also addressing the root cause of the imbalance.

People in good health: These people already understand that prevention is the key!  Just as we know routine maintenance prolongs the life of our vehicles, we can use acupuncture to proactively build our future health. Small changes now assure that drastic changes will not be necessary later.


If you’re in pain, stay away from prescription medications!
Try acupuncture instead, it could be life altering!
—K. Ingram

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