October 22, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Appalachian Acupuncture and Healing Arts
113 E Unaka Ave
Johnson City, TN 37601


Cupping has been quite the buzzword this summer amongst fitness groups. In the Olympics, Michael Phelps appeared poolside with the tell-tale “spots” from his cupping sessions, then powered through his events with his usual impressive skill. No doubt an athlete of this level of achievement has a good grasp of which therapies improve his performance.

Join Bae Parker, Acupuncturist, as she expains how cupping works, who can benefit most, then guides you in learning to effectively and safely cup your fitness partner. This is a lovely technique to learn to do for someone with chronically tight shoulders, runners’ legs, breathing challenges (asthma, chronic infections), and performance athletes.

Cupping is part of traditional Chinese medicine, and dates back thousands of years. It can be used on any fleshy part of the body, most typically used for pain relief. I often describe cupping is a “reverse massage technique” that uses suction rather than pressure to get things moving and relax muscles.

Kindly call to register so we can be good hostesses and plan for the event space! 423-928-9394
Instructor: Bae Parker
Cost: $22 per person, includes glass cup to take home