Join artist Jocelyn Mathewes as you create beautiful blue botanical art prints using the oldest historic photographic process, cyanotype. In this workshop, we’ll show some examples of what’s possible with the cyanotype process, and an introduction to the chemicals and equipment … [Read more...]

Cupping has been quite the buzzword this summer amongst fitness groups. In the Olympics, Michael Phelps appeared poolside with the tell-tale “spots” from his cupping sessions, then powered through his events with his usual impressive skill. No doubt an athlete of this level of achievement has a good … [Read more...]

Stephen Steffan, possibly the most energetic member of our healing group, joined us 2 years ago. He jokes that he was drawn to this area to “retire”, which has since translated into building his abundant business, Plantaris Massage, and share his healing work with those in need. He states his goal … [Read more...]

  Introducing HERBalachia, East Tennessee's first herbal training program! Spring 2017 HERBALIST LIFESTYLE PROGRAM   Curriculum is for: Beginning herbal students Health care practitioners Gardeners and growers Healthy, proactive lifestylers HERBalachia school takes … [Read more...]

Don't miss this Saturday's Tea Tasting Party! Oolong teas are not the dark porter or the crisp pilsner of the tea world, but they offer the most variety of flavors that can be coaxed out of tea leaves. Oolongs are in between black and green tea, and by modification of the oxidation and … [Read more...]

Don't miss this Saturday's Ear Seeds workshop hosted by Jenna Hayworth, licensed acupuncturist. Did you know you can treat your whole body by pressure points in your ears? Each ear contains about 400 points which can affect muscles, joints, organs, and even emotions. Ear points are very … [Read more...]

Don't miss this Saturday's workshops, Eating for Autoimmune Disorders and an Introduction to Bullet Journaling hosted by Jocelyn Mathewes. Jocelyn Mathewes is a mother of three and fine artist who lives in the beautiful hills of Appalachia. She loves organizational systems and is a huge fan … [Read more...]

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings, growth and expansion. We increase our physical activity and enjoy more outdoor time. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and seasonal allergy sufferers start sneezing. We are all affected by shifting seasons. Winter has had us … [Read more...]