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Appalachian Acupuncture • 113 E. Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 • (423) 928-9394

This sweet “89-year-young” patient comes for pain management from a previous hip transplant and osteoarthritis.

She reports it “beats those pain meds by a long shot!”

Cage fighters like acupuncture? Yes, especially with electrical stimulation!

Ben is a PT in Crossville and is a part of Naga Fighters.

About 25 of us trained on these machines over the weekend in Knoxville. A great option for those who don’t like needles too much.

My ‘Punk-sha All-Stars’: this is Kevin’s first treatment! During the re-telling of his adventure, his family told me he commented on the little white “instruments” I used to take out the needles.

It was a cotton ball. 🙂 Out of the mouth of babes…

11-year-old Sarah came in for headache and facial pain from getting hit by a football. She was cleared by her Dr. of any major injuries, so we used a few acupuncture needles and gentle cranial therapy.

When she got off the table, she reported the pain had improved and she felt more relaxed.

Most people love the cooler fall weather, but it’s dryness tends to aggravate asthma and allergies. Here, Kieran is rocking his needles for some autumn lung tonification!

DO IT!!!

I had so many failed attempts and one heartbreak after the other. I read forum after forum online about successful IVF’s and failed IVF’s. The one common denominator for success was acupuncture. That is why I tried it. It was the ONLY thing that I did differently from all of our other attempts, so I am 100% positive that is why we have our little miracle now.

—A. Lane

Miss Linda wanted to share with everyone that after 1 treatment, she is able to again kneel at her church altar to pray!

Stacy has completed her 3rd chemo and her beautiful SPIRIT is as strong as ever!!

She is using acupuncture to ease symptoms and support her body during her course of treatment.

“My pain is 80% gone! When I started acupuncture, I was crawling out of bed with 9/10 pain. I had been to neurology, surgery, steroids, and ALL the pills. Now, my pain is almost nothing and I’m cycling, kayaking, and doing pretty much anything I want to do!

I highly recommend acupuncture.”

—Gary Hale, still spunky at 73!

Appalachian Acupuncture • 113 E. Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 • (423) 928-9394